Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lately I've been on a kick to clear the clutter from my house. It's really a one bedroom apartment that I share with my husband, who is a model maker. Which is awesome when I need something built from scratch and lack the know how, but sucks in the sense his shop takes up at least 1/3 of the living space. So piles of unused or unneeded stuff really isn't an option.

Which leads me to another indicator that I was into this costuming thing a little deep. The appearance of a fabric stash. I sort of do recall buying the fabrics, but kind of don't. I mean, I can go through it, and know what I had in mind with each purchase (mostly, anyway). But somehow it seems to have expanded on it's own. 

Granted, with my lack of experience, I tend to over estimate how much fabric I will need for every project. So I sort of toss the left overs into a pile. But there are project specific fabrics that haven't been touched at all, because I'm afraid to start.

I can't justify clogging up our living space with wishes and dreams of what might be. But I can justify taking over closets with pretty pretty dresses.

Say hello to fabric I know I purchased fairly recently:

The story behind this fabric is simple. I was invited to go the Germantown Reenactment with some ladies, but I had nothing to wear. While a friend and I shopped for fabric for a 1920's event, we stumbled on this cotton print. Is it historically accurate? I have no idea, but it said 18th century polonaise to me. So I bought it.

How cute would a light blue petticoat or a red quilted petticoat look with this print? I have not a clue, because I haven't made it yet. The Germantown plan fell apart for a couple of reasons, mostly because everyone seemed to already have plans.

I was lucky in the sense that I didn't miss a dress up event because I had nothing to wear, but because people were busy. But I could have missed a wonderful day out with friends because I am lazy.

Today the fabric has been washed, will be ironed, and I have Period Impressions 1770 Polonaise & Petticoat pattern at my disposal.

I've never made anything 18th century before, so I may be in over my head. But I won't know unless I try.


  1. Pretty fabric! It'll definitely make a cute poloniase.

  2. It's always difficult for me to judge what is a good print for historical clothing. I guess this would be an Indienne print (?). It seems to have more green in it than in extant examples I find, but for about $2 dollars a yard, I can't complain.