Wednesday, April 26, 2017

gathering supplies and organizing

I haven't had much time for sewing lately. We've had several parties at my house, and my sewing room is converted into a dining area whenever the guest list passes 6 adults. Since a few parties were back to back weekends, it seemed useless to pack stuff up to unload it for a day or two and then do it all over again.

But that doesn't mean I haven't been working on sewing related stuff!

I've been on the hunt for a sewing desk (I currently use a folding table). I think I will be going with Ikea's Hemnes desk with the add on. It's got lots of spots to put useful things that you need at arms reach when sewing. Plus the space designed for a monitor looks like a great spot to mount an iPad and watch shows while sewing.

My "to do" list is small this year, but some of the projects make up for it by being complicated. Keeping the lessons I learned with my stash only sewing, I've planned out my projects out far more thoroughly (but I get to buy fabric again, and I have been loving it!).

The next project to be completed is a Victorian gown for a friend's party. It has a secondary theme of  "by the seaside", so I went on the hunt for inspiration. I found this and loved it:

I have to redo my bustle cage for this project (as it's in sad shape after years of abuse).  I'm on the fence about the bodice, as it looks a little young to me. I might change the neckline a bit so I don't look like a mid-30s woman trying to wear a teenager's outfit. The neckline issue might all be in my head, but if I'm going to put in hours worth of work, I want to be happy when wearing it. I found my striped fabric, a VERY breathable cotton. I just need to get the solid blue and start working.
Breathable cotton is just what 90 degree temps call for.

After that it'll be time to work on my next 1920s dress. Looking to Miss Fisher, I finally settled on making an inspired by gown from Season 1 Episode 1.


more YES.
I used this outfit as my much needed excuse to order the American Duchess Tango boots and found fabric that is a great color match. I have the base of the hat being shaped for me that I will then color and decorate myself.

Finding an exact fabric match to Miss Fisher was probably impossible.
But I'm really happy with what I did get.

Last of the recent fabric purchases, and I continue my dance with Regency fashion. I felt like I landed on the right approach with my riding habit last year. Hang the delicate whites and innocent looks and go for the colors I know and always wear. I absolutely love my jewelry set from InTheLongRun so I wanted to find something that worked with it. Digging around on etsy, I found a black silk sari with embroidery that had small pops of color.

The contrast really makes me happy (as does wearing black). I still have to pick a dress design (something that can be both day and evening? Is that possible?). I'd also like to get my hands on a coral tiara of some kind to finish off the jewelry set.

But what I'd really love to do is get some sewing time in...