Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fort Fred Adventure!

A few friends and I gathered again for a day of shopping and fun at the annual Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair. I didn't make a new dress (I rewore my Period Impressions polonaise), but I changed it up with some new accesories. I wore some mitts given to me by a friend, jewelry from Dames a la Mode, new shoe buckles from American Duchess and  a market basket I wove just for the occassion. To top it all off, the wig I had ordered from the Wigmaker of Colonial Williamsburg was ready.

Here I am at the end of the day. A little tuckered out, but loving it.
And a back view:
up to no good...

My haul from the day: my wig, picked up two large, lovely white male ostrich plumes, a hat blank and a few hat pins. My friend Kat gave me a present of a pocket kit with embroidery! Loves! She knows I have been itching to learn that skill, and saw me eyeing up the kit. I some how left the fair with money.

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