Friday, May 8, 2015

1920s Day at the Races

The other weekend I attended the Point to Point Races at Winterthur in Delaware. OODLES of fun! Everyone was super friendly, the grounds are beautiful, and there was something to entertain you every time you turned around.

I decided to make a 1920s ensemble for this event for no other reason than I really wanted to use the bonsai bridge fabric from Joann's for something. ANYTHING. I had been stalking this fabric at the store for some time, certain that sooner or later I'd think of a project for it. Then about a year ago I ordered Decades of Style 1920s Tulip Kimono, the 1925 Zig Zag dress and the Foxtrot bag (which I ended up not making). So fabic I loved + patterns + event = finally doing it.

Normally I find cloches in every store at every time of the year, but because I was on the hunt for a simple black one, there were none to be had. A quick etsy search lead me to Elsewhenmillinery where I ordered the Madeline cloche pattern.

I channeled my inner Miss Fisher and was really pleased with the results. It ended up being quite warm that day (cotton and linen for the win!), and I could have gotten away with not wearing the coat. But I loved it so much I wanted to have it on anyway.

Here I am with Madame Modiste 
(who allowed me to call her Aunty Prudence all day) 

Parasols were a MUST!
TIME: My entire project (the coat, dress and hat) took a total of 14 hours.
1920s Tulip Kimono: When I tell you the coat just fell together I mean it. It's an amazing pattern and I'm looking forward to making another when the right inspiration hits. Seriously, I have nothing but pure love for this coat.
1925 Zig Zag Dress: Deceptively simple looking. I decided to pipe the gores and the zig zag detail around the waistline. It was tricky going. Attaching the goes to the upper portion of the dress took lots and lots of pining. The pattern calls for the lower portion to be attached to the top by hand. I found that since I did the piping I could machine sew it on using the piping as a cover for the stitches. Otherwise they would have been visible. Had I not done piping I would have sewn it on by hand. Another great pattern by Decades of Style. I really look forward to using more of their stuff.
Madeline hat: A pleasant surprise! The pattern requires you to add the seam allowance, which normally sends all sort of red flags off for me (I couldn't tell you why!). The pattern also come with 53 steps which at first was terrifying. The instructions are EXTREMELY detailed. I found that the pattern maker included a lot of steps that most leave off. To some it may seem unnecessary, but others might appreciate all the insider hints and tips. I was very happy with how my hat turned out and will gladly buy from this seller again.
ALTERATIONS: Absolutely none. The Decades of Style patterns are just.frigging.perfect.

EASE OF INSTRUCTIONS: Instructions for the Decades of Style patterns were wonderful. I didn't come across anything that confused me or didn't make sense. The hat pattern was extremely detailed, but still easy to follow.
Strolling about was so easy in 20s wear.



  1. You both look so chic and fab! Nice to get the pattern reviews too, I haven't tried any of those and now know to look for them!

    1. Thank you!

      I have to say, they really are great patterns. And right now they're running a sale!

  2. You look great! I've been eyeballing that zig zag dress pattern for awhile, and think I'll have to get it now. The cloche pattern looks like a treat as well. :-) Well done!

    1. Thank you so much! It seemed like in the past the 1920s got a raw deal in terms of patterns. There just didn't seem to be a lot out there that wasn't a boring rectangle. I'm glad that the 20s are getting a little more love and hope even more patterns come out.

  3. You looked amazing! The 20s are a time that I still need to learn to love, stylewise. Maybe it's just that my figure is not that compatible with hte beautystandards at that time, but my heart has just fallen for the Victorian times...

    1. Thank you! I've only recently begun to dabble in the 20s. It's probably the only era my boyish figure is suited for.

      I do love the Victorian fashions (those bustles and little waists!) but I feel like I just don't pull that look off as well. Not that I feel like I have to limit myself to a era that only looks good on me; certainly all body types existed in every time. But it is nice to put on an outfit and know I own the look!

  4. Ok, there are so few outfits that other costumers make that I have ever wanted to make EXACLTY LIKE THE ONE THEY MADE. Yours is one of them. I mean....HOLY MONKEY!! When I saw it on facebook, my eyeballs popped out of their sockets!!! You are a wonderful 1920s diva and you need to do this more often!!!!
    Oh and send me the coat and dress and hat please....

    1. Thank you so much Gina!!!! You have no idea how flattered I am to have you say this. You always look like you stepped right off of a fashion plate and it means so much to receive such a compliment from you!!!