Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 Francaise Dinner Party

It is so hard to believe it, but the Francaise Dinner party has come and gone! I cannot get over how absolutely wonderful everyone looked. Why must these things end? Stupid reality.

This year was the second year we held the dinner, but we moved to the General Warren Inne. I cannot express how thrilled I was with them. The atmosphere was ideal, the food was divine, and the staff! Not only highly helpful and professional, but they were so interested in the event and the fashions. I can only hope we have lured more people into the world of dress up. Even the rooms many of us rented for the evening were perfect.

I was able to finish both my costume and my husband's, and there will be a write up of the time it took to compelte each. Two costumes in (approximately) less than two months was extremely difficult.

I fear I have to become a better photographer at events, because a great many of my photos turned out terribe. But here is the group shot!



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