Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I've been sewing, I swear! I just haven't been updating. So far this year I have finished hip panniers and a Regency shift. I'm in what I hope to be the end stages of my robe à la française.

Here's my current status. No sleeves, it's too long, and still needs trim. But progress nonetheless. No more horrible nightmares of having nothing to wear.

I have been keeping track of how many hours each project has taken me, and will write them each up. But that will have to wait until after March 9th. Because this, another dress, and the husband's in the works costume all need to be completed by then.

Plus all the party stuff.


  1. It's looking quite fantastic! And YAY for another curtain-along dress!

  2. Thank you!

    I cannot say how great having these curtains is. My ability to fabric shop is questionable (I'm attracted to shinny like bees to flowers). Something that I've seen used and work was a great jumping point for me. It made me feel safe with the project, even though it's my first time sewing 18th century.