Monday, October 14, 2013

fitting issues

I've decided to go with TV405 for my bodice. I've made this one before, but having been told it was too long in the waist for me, I've gone about attempting to move the waist up.

My natural waist looked to be about two inches above the waist that was marked on the pattern. For most of the pattern pieces, I was able to redraw the waist line and then just fold the pattern piece to the new spot. However, the back piece presented an issue, since the natural waist was below the fold of the flapy dodads. Asking around, a friend was able to illustrate for me where I needed to remove.

Once I removed that portion, I lined up the curved portion to have the nice smooth curve return.

Now I am working with terror because I changed the pattern. Somehow my lining that I cut out was much shorter than my fashion fabric. I cut out the lining first, so I have no idea how that happened (since the pattern pieces were taped). 

After recutting the lining, I flatlined the pieces together. This time they were the same sizes, but it's somehow like I have air bubbles between the two pieces. I take it to mean that the fabric moved or something when they were attached to one another. Ot that they are somehow slightly different sizes again. I'm tempted to use some sort of iron on adhesive the next time I have to flatline. Maybe cut out the fashion fabric, iron it to the lining fabric, and then cut around to make sure they stay together? Any have any good suggestions?

Anway, time is a factor (I need this done enough for this Saturday). I've started putting the bodice together. And it seems a little big.

It's a little tricky to get a photo of one's own back, but here it is. A better eye than mine told me it looks a little big, so I'm going to try and see if taking in the seams just a but helps (which I will do by basting, to make sure before I have to rip out a bunch of little stitches).

I'm not too sure what to do about this shoulder issue. I think if I remove the seam where it is and take in more fron the front it'll fit more snugly... maybe?

I think life will be a lot easier if I make a duct tape dress form of myself.

I do this for fun, right?

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